Your Soul Solutions

Using a unique mix of mild-therapy, coaching, and counseling, with a biblical foundation and virtual means, we provide;

One-Off Coaching Sessions

Our 1-hour virtual coaching will help you get rid of the overwhelm in your relationships, career, and family life.

Free 15mins #SoulCoaching

This virtual session allows you to unburden to a support coach, and get first-aid solutions and recommendations at absolutely no cost!

Social Media Content

We provide you with videos, podcasts, tips, and education on how to grow in emotional maturity and mental well-being.

The Soul Health QuickScan

Take an 8-min survey whose results will help you see exactly where your pain points lie - in your mind, will, and emotions - as well as give you recommendations for the next steps.

Email Courses

Delivered right to your inbox, will be daily guides for meditation and journaling. The package also comes with the observation of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual environment.


Soul Transformation with the Lead Coach

Funmi Ayowole offers a variety of #SoulCoaching services that help you diagnose past and present struggles, invest time and intentionality into your healing, overcome personal challenges, and accelerate your steps to achieve your individual life goals. Start your proactive journey today with a 1-hour session.

Group Coaching Programmes

Our group coaching comprises 7 weeks of Zoom live sessions, made up of 7-8 participants includes counselling, guided meditation, sharing real stories with the coach, and leading the group into resolutions for healing from past trauma of diverse kinds.

Individual #SoulCoaching Programmes

Here, you will have live sessions on Zoom running for 8-12 weeks in order to help you draw out raw, uncovered answers. You will learn about acceptance, how to exert the power of choice over whatever life may throw at you, and jumpstart your healing journey. It’s a customized plan consisting of weekly calls, 'assignments', and deep dives into the SOUL.