Dear Soulful One,

Have you gone through trauma, abuse, or a bad breakup? Or do you struggle with self-hate or low self-esteem and you desperately need a hand?

In case you are wondering if what you need is a therapist, a counselor, a coach, or just simply a shoulder to cry on. We recommend The Soul Health QuickScan, which will help you check your emotional ‘vital signs’, as a great place to start.

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I’m Totally Different

The woman I am at the moment is different from the woman I was at the start of the #SoulCoaching program. I’ll say I’ve learned, unlearned, and relearned. It was learning made easy because there were other folks too on their lows and it gave me peace to realize that I wasn’t alone going through the worst in life. Coach TFA is accommodating, attentive, kind, sweet, diplomatic, and vulnerable. She did not make us feel like outcasts, but rather shared her own stories too. She was so in sync with everyone in the group. Overall, I feel great, I have started saying my Affirmations and I will always put to practice all I’ve learned from Coach TFA and the friends I made during the program. Thank you for having us!

Shattered but showing up

I listened to "Shattered but showing up" and it encapsulates the picture of the quintessential man. Bottling up but showing up. Written off and still pushing through. It mirrors the cries inside, the silent brooding nights. Torrents going through the mind but yet exuding a calm exterior. Thank you.

I Found Clarity

While discussing with Coach TFA, I realized I have actually come a long way from the person I was. The experiences I have had have only made me stronger and wiser. I also realized that I could do more about areas and things I am passionate about, even using my skills and the resources at my disposal no matter how small it may be at the moment. She helped me find clarity, define my goals with regards to what I hope to achieve in terms of women’s health, and set time frames towards achieving these goals. It was truly a refreshing time, enlightening, and truly inspiring session

Your Solution for Mental and Emotional Healing

Using a unique mix of mild-therapy, coaching, and counseling, with a biblical foundation and virtual means, we provide;

One-Off Coaching Sessions

Our 1-hour virtual coaching will help you get rid of the overwhelm in your relationships, career, and family life.

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Free 15mins #SoulCoaching

This virtual session allows you to unburden to a support coach, and get first-aid solutions and recommendations at absolutely no cost!

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Soul Transformation with the Lead Coach

Funmi Ayowole offers a variety of #SoulCoaching services that help you diagnose past and present struggles, invest time and intentionality into your healing, overcome personal challenges, and accelerate your steps to achieve your individual life goals. Start your proactive journey today with a 1-hour session.

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Why TheSoulClinic is For You

why TheSoulClinic for you

You might have soul wounds caused by past or present traumas, abuse, low-self-esteem, or self-hate. We are here to deliver a healing experience through #soulcoaching to you, virtually. Our experienced and sympathetic coaches are available and accessible to you 24/7, anywhere you are in the world.

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Join Us in Giving to this Cause

It breaks our hearts to see the statistics for various soul and mental health issues, rise. We want to do all we can to contribute to reducing these numbers. We provide a FREE 15 mins call to everyone, closing the economic gap.

We request that you support this cause to ensure that it remains constantly available to anyone in need.

why TheSoulClinic for you

Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have a few questions on how to make the most of our platform; so here are some of our FAQs but if you don’t find a satisfactory answer, feel free to shoot us a message.

TheSoulClinic is available to you 24/7, all you have to do is book an open slot in the scheduling section

Sure! You can take our FREE QuickScan as the first point of call and you have an opportunity to book a 15 mins FREE session with one of our support coaches.

We recommend that you have it once and make progress by booking an hour-long session with our specialized coaches so that you can move along on your healing process.

Our Support Coaches will give you sound counseling and key tools for emotional healing in a FREE 15-mins session while our Specialized Coaches will provide you with holistic coaching to help you move past mental and emotional wounds into living your very best life.

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